Milena Bukal


Computer Science/Bioinformatics Option
University of Waterloo
Term 4A/B, expected graduation 08/2019

Synesthete, Canadian & sleep deprived


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Quality gets better as terms go by. Most of my classes are not in the correct term students take them. My CAV is currently 86.4%

Most of the notes are structured with a TOC at the beginning, the good copy notes for Week n followed by the rough copy notes for Week n (n rough).

This can get confusing in the .pdf files as the headers aren’t so easy to follow.

NOTE: Links to .one and .pdf files are on Google Drive due to file size. The entire folder can be found here

Due to the large file size, they have to be downloaded. Use direct links to avoid this if you don’t trust it.

1A - Fall 2015

1B - Winter 2016

Direct Link

Math 137: Calculus 1 .one .pdf

Math 135: Algebra .one .pdf

2A - Fall 2016

Direct Link

CS 245: Logic and Computation .one .pdf

CS 246: Object-Oriented Software Development .one .pdf

Math 138: Calculus 2 .one .pdf

Math 136: Linear Algebra 1 .one .pdf

2B - Winter 2017

Direct Link

Stat 230: Probability .one .pdf

Math 239: Introduction to Combinatorics .one .pdf

CS 251: Computer Organization and Design .one .pdf

CS 241: Foundations of Sequential Programming .one .pdf

Korea 101R: Korean 1 .one .pdf

Biol 365: Methods in Bioinformatics .one .pdf

3A - Spring 2017

Direct Link

Stat 231: Statistics .one .pdf

Biol 240+L: Fundamentals of Microbiology .pdf

Chem 266: Basic Organic Chem 1 .one .pdf

CS 240: Data Structures and Data Mangement .one .pdf

3B - Fall 2017 - ABROAD

From an exchange term at Yonsei University, South Korea

MAT3120: Linear Algebra 2 .one .pdf

4A - Winter 2018

Direct Link

TODO: add these notes CS 350 CS 341 CS 370 CHEM 273

(feel free to email me for them if anyone actually uses these)